We develop decision support and forecasting systems for economic and managerial problem solving. Our mission is to enable better results by providing supportive software tools as building blocks for a smarter decision-making infrastructure in the field of economics and business science.

Artificial intelligence and soft computing techniques in particular (like fuzzy logic, neural networks, or genetic algorithms) play an important role in our work as they make sure that software adapts to the human user (and not vice versa). We believe that without allowing for vagueness, incompleteness, and even partial ignorance productive decision-support is impossible as the real world is typically more complex than textbook models. However, decision-making without theory is also a bad idea. We want that relevant pieces of economic theory find their way into real-world solutions. That is what a well-designed decision-making infrastructure is all about.

Infratelligence is a former spin-off from the Muenster Institute for Computational Economics at the University of Muenster. Following this tradition, we are committed to bringing together academia, politicians, and business people. As scientists we are interested in exploring the supportive scope of information systems in our field of research. In order not to lose track of what really matters we are happy to work on commercial real-world problems as well. Infratelligence is our way to bridge the gaps between both worlds.

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